We have had serious problems related to the high cost of healthcare for years in our country before the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010. Unfortunately, here we are in 2017 facing the same problems as we did before. There is continued debate, anxiety and concern by many of us about the state of healthcare in our country and what to do about it as we speak. In addition, there seems to be no consensus in the country and Congress on how to move forward from here.

I think most of us think or assume that the causes of the crisis is that too many millions of people are not able to afford quality healthcare and that increasing insurance premiums, co-pays and high deductibles are spiraling out of control. While these points are true, they are really the results of the cause of the problem but they are not the actual cause.

Unless we identify the root cause of these problems and do something to fix it once and for all, we will never get this crisis under control. It is time for a fundamentally different approach. Restoring “Health” To Healthcare does just that and offers the only path to solving it!

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