Most of us are concerned about the availability and affordability of quality healthcare for all. This usually centers around trying to rein in the costs of health insurance premiums, their co-pays, high deductibles and increasing out of pocket expenses. However, it has been almost sixty years since our nation has tried to solve the problem of escalating healthcare costs with various recommendations, programs and laws. Unfortunately, none have been successful so far. The reason is because all of the above issues are the RESULTS of the problem but are not the actual CAUSE. Unless we acknowledge and do something about the CAUSE we will never resolve the problem. The CAUSE is disease. Too much disease and the fact that more and more people at younger and younger ages are being diagnosed with chronic diseases and conditions such as: heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Chronic diseases are responsible for at least 75% of the $3.5 trillion our nation spent on healthcare costs last year. This is what we must focus on and do something about. If we do not, healthcare costs will always go up!