1-Overall healthcare costs were $3.5 trillion in 2017 almost one-fifth of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

2-Many people lose wages when they are sick and therefore will have less money to spend.

3-Companies will increase the cost of services and goods to offset increasing health insurance rates.

4- With companies having to spend more for their healthcare insurance, they have less money to go towards increasing wages and so this results in stagnant wages.

5-Health insurance companies will raise their insurance premiums and co-pays to offset increasing demands for healthcare services.

6-When people get sick or injured they have to spend more of their dollars on co-pays and out of pocket expenses and less money to save or spend on other needs.

7- When the uninsured get sick that leads to uncompensated care which costs billions of dollars and is ultimately paid for out of taxpayer dollars by either the federal government or the states.

8-When the uninsured get sick, they often wait to seek healthcare until their problem(s) is/are so bad they cannot wait any longer. This often means more complicated problems and increased recovery times both leading to higher healthcare costs than if they were able to seek healthcare intervention sooner.

9-Overwhelming medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcies in the country. This obviously can be very devastating to the person or families involved but it also means that healthcare providers and many other people or businesses/creditors do not get paid as well.

10-Millons of people are one serious illness or injury away from potential financial ruin because of some catastrophic disease and or injury. This leads to a lot of stress and anxiety which over time can be a major cause of serious health problems and more healthcare spending.

Restoring “Health” To Healthcare” presents an uncomplicated plan for ending these problems and our healthcare crisis once and for all.