Even though we spend more money per person on healthcare than any other industrialized nation in the world… even though our healthcare professionals are the best trained and best equipped in the world… even though the United States is where everyone wants to be for a life-threatening medical emergency or surgical intervention or long-term care… why are we the unhealthiest of all these countries?

We know that more and more people are getting sicker and sicker at younger and younger ages with chronic diseases such as: heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer which accounts for at least 75% of all healthcare spending. That means more and more people needing more medical visits, tests, procedures, nonprescription and prescription medications and in many cases for the rest of their lives. How is this going to affect healthcare costs?

With more and more people getting sicker and sicker and everyone wanting and deserving access to the best medical technology and care they can get and expecting insurance companies to pay for all if not most of it, how can insurance rates not keep going up?

Healthcare costs have been rising every year for almost sixty years now. We continue to think we can solve this serious problem by putting more and more money into the system or by cutting reimbursements to healthcare professionals and facilities and/or cutting services. Why do we keep doing the same things which seem to always give us the same results?

We need to start to deal with the real cause of the problem and that is too many of us are getting sick often with serious, chronic diseases. Unless we do that, we will always be burdened with escalating healthcare costs.

Restoring “Health” To Healthcare offers the only path to ending this seemingly never ending problem.