I believe most of us would love to see tax breaks by the passage of a new tax bill that the Republicans are trying to get through Congress. When the Republicans introduced the concept of repealing the individual mandate that forces people to purchase health insurance or pay a financial penalty as part of the tax bill, many people who are in favor of the bill were concerned that this idea would make the tax bill more difficult to pass. Whether or not that will be the case; remains to be seen in the very near future.

According to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office), if the mandate did become part of the bill and the bill passed it would save about $330 billion dollars over the next decade but there may be thirteen million less people insured. Therefore, in order to save billions of dollars, millions of people who are currently insured may no longer be able to have health insurance. In Restoring “Health” To Healthcare-The Only Path To Ending Our Healthcare Crisis, I put forth a plan that would not only save us billions of dollars starting year one to help reduce our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) spending on healthcare for the first time in years but would also lead to decreased health insurance costs (lower premiums and co-pays). This can all be accomplished without anyone having to give up their health insurance if they do not want to. It would be a win – win situation for everyone concerned.