Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Pertaining To Your Health

It is the things that we do or do not do to our bodies that have an awful lot to do with how healthy we are or are not. For most of us, no matter what illness you are suffering from, no matter what discomfort you feel and no matter what is wrong with your body, you should ask yourself the following questions. Apart from medications or other treatments that may have been recommended by my healthcare provider(s), what am I not giving or doing to the cells of my body that they need?  What I am giving or doing to the cells of my body that they do not need?

Making the necessary lifestyle changes based on your answers should improve your ability to at least be as healthy as you can be, if not totally overcome whatever health challenges you may have. In addition, they should enable you to prevent others in the future. Giving the cells of the body all the nutrients they need (oxygen, food and water) and creating a healthy living environment within your body (exercise regularly, get enough sleep, try to reduce or better manage stress), should enable them to produce enough energy for the body to do everything it was designed to do, be as vital as it can be and be able to take care of itself as it was meant to do. In addition, if you are unfortunately ill or injured, should help expedite healing.