Healthcare Problems

The only way the healthcare problems facing our nation today can be resolved is to significantly reduce the number of people contracting diseases and conditions, especially chronic ones (such as: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure) In order to accomplish this, we have to change the basic foundation upon which our healthcare system functions. This means we need to change from one which focuses almost all of its resources and energy on combating illness (“sick care”) to one which places much more emphasis on prevention of diseases in the first place (“preventative care”).

Preventative Healthcare

This starts with the government providing significant financial incentives (up to $5000 per year) and the insurance companies rewarding healthy living as well. The government needs to also spearhead a major education program about the importance of early detection and making healthy life style choices in how we choose to live. In addition, the health insurance companies and our healthcare providers need to support and guide us in this endeavor.

Personal Accountability

Each of us needs to make living healthy a priority in our lives and accept the fact that WE are ultimately responsible for our own health, that the first person we should hold accountable for our health is ourselves, not our doctors, hospitals or health insurance companies. If enough people started to do this, the number of us contracting diseases would be dramatically reduced, the demand for healthcare services would be reduced, the amount of co-pays and out of pocket expenses would be reduced and the amount of dollars the insurance companies would have to pay out would be reduced. All this would result in a significant reduction in our nation’s healthcare costs which is huge (about $3.5 trillion dollars in 2017) and ultimately the end of the healthcare crisis once and for all.