Since 2001 Gallup has included healthcare in it’s yearly polling. Concerns about healthcare has been number one or tied for number one thirteen out of the past eighteen yearly Gallup polls and has been number one for the last five years in a row. I guess that should be no surprise to most of us. As a nation we have had problems trying to rein in the costs of healthcare since 1960. We have tried various things to accomplish this the most recent being the ACA (The Affordable Care Act). However, healthcare costs still go up and there is a lot of uncertainty of what is going to happen in the future with it. It seems like it will be front and center as a political issue during the upcoming mid-term elections. The reason why we cannot solve this problem is because we never deal with the cause of it. All we ever do is try to do something about the results of the cause of the problem.

To be continued next week…..