According to a recent Quinnipiac Poll, 29% of people polled considered healthcare as their number one concern. The economy at 18% came in second.  I am not surprised since having quality, affordable, healthcare affects all of us. Unfortunately, there are a lot of uncertainties surrounding healthcare starting out in 2018 and this can only add to our level of anxiety about this important issue.

Healthcare premiums are going up again as they usually do.

How will the repeal of the personal mandate associated with the ACA affect health insurance rates going forward?

The CBO predicts because of this, that millions less will have access to affordable health insurance over the next decade.

Will the Chips program that helps insure almost 9 million children, be given the billions of dollars they need to continue being funded by the end of January?

Will the $8 billion be reimbursed to insurers for two years of payments for discounts that the ACA health plans must give to those with lower incomes for their deductibles and out of pocket expenses?

Will $10 billion be given to states to help create high risk pools or otherwise help insurers with especially high medical bills?

Will President Trump’s administration be successful in drafting rules to make it easier for insurers to offer inexpensive, bare bones insurance policies?

How will some of the recent healthcare business mergers and proposed healthcare business mergers (hospitals merging with other hospitals, drug companies buying other drug companies, hospitals buying insurance companies and drug companies buying insurance companies) affect the quality and cost of healthcare?

 Getting the budget bill passed is a priority right now. As it stands now, next on the agenda will be infrastructure and immigration reform. So when will Congress have the time to do something about either repealing and replacing, modifying the ACA or at least stabilizing the existing health insurance markets for the near future?

 Drug prices are predicted to increase again this year.

There has been talk about making changes in Medicaid and Medicare this year as well.

With all these changes and/or possible changes in 2018, there seems to me to be a legitimate concern for many of us to be anxious over the future of our healthcare. All of these have to do with dealing with the costs of healthcare which are important issues. However, none of these deal with the real cause of our healthcare problems.

That is why I wrote Restoring “Health” To Healthcare which I am certain does and offers the only path to ending our healthcare crisis today.